Estate advisor

International Reach & Global Experience

Through the years, clients have described me and my contribution to their success as experienced, expert, collaborative, transparent, honest, and dynamic.

And they've singled out other traits more unusual, perhaps in a financial consultant: full of good sense and fun.


"An honest straight-shooter who, in his years as our advisor, has helped our company succeed. In the process, John has become a good and trusted friend."

Meni Morim

CEO, TSXV-listed Company

"John is a generous, thoughtful advisor who, even for someone as uneducated about money as I am, makes financial decisions comprehensible. I'm confident in his abilities and happy to hand decisions over to him."

Beth Kaplan

Writer, and teacher, U of T.

John is a visionary leader who has exceptional skills in building relationships and helping just about anyone he deals with. Within this framework he uplifts everyone in his ecosystem, his teams and his clients alike, to create real and measurable business value, all while having fun. He hired me to help build his public company practice and mentored me to become a trusted advisor to our clients and ultimately his business partner. His simple, yet practical approach, to solving problems has always helped me navigate through complex areas of finance.

Haider Jamani, Former Partner, Baker Tilly WM, Toronto

I worked with John during several very stressful audits with some very tight deadlines. As our overall engagement audit partner, John was always calm and able to assist in a construct helpful manner. He is knowledgeable on all relevant audit and accounting standards and security regulations and able to provide this knowledge in a reassuring manner. He was a pleasure to work with. When we migrated to the US exchange and John was no longer our engagement partner, he was always available to help us seek solutions to our issues, even if it was the middle of the night and he was on the other side of the world.

Mike Munoz, CFO, New York-based NASDAQ-listed Online Gaming Company

John and I have worked together over many years as colleagues, collaborators and as a client. John brings a balance of pragmatism and technical capability to each project he is involved with. As a client you will know that John can expertly guide you through - whether that involves public company compliance with securities commissions or tax matters with the CRA. Most importantly John approaches both his professional and personal life with integrity and objectivity, and for this reason while you may start out as a client, you will end up as a friend.

Maruf Raza, CPA CA, Partner, National Director, Public Companies, MNP LLP

John provided our Israeli/Canadian consortium of companies with consulting advice as we consolidated into one entity and listed it on the Canadian Securities Exchange. It was a long, tedious, and complicated process throughout for which John provided extremely helpful advice and guidance. I appreciated his professionalism and lightning-speed responses. I am grateful for John’s friendship, support, and confidence. I am certain we will work together in the future.

Jonathan Ben-Cnaan, Vice-Chair, Atlas Global Brands Inc.

John truly turned my financial world around. As a freelancer drowning in years of neglected taxes, I was lost. The learning curve was brutal, and I kept pushing it off until I was buried in receipts. John was a beacon of hope, recommended by a friend who called him not just an expert, but a caring human being.

Meeting John confirmed the stories. He didn't just crunch numbers; he understood my shame and hesitation. With patience and expertise, he guided me through the chaos, melting away my stress. I didn't realize the weight I carried until he lifted it.

John isn't just an accountant – he's a life-changer. If you're seeking someone who's both exceptional at his craft and truly compassionate, John is your answer. He transformed my mess into a plan, and I'm stepping into the next year with confidence.

Maia Alvina


John was our audit engagement partner over many years. While he provided excellent technical advice, he could always be counted on to apply the technical standards in a practical, business-friendly way. You always knew John was there to help. On several occasions, his practical, client-focused style enabled us to resolve issues that otherwise would have been very difficult to resolve. I enjoyed working with John and would not hesitate to work with him in the future and highly recommend him.

Cal Bruner

CFO (retired), CaseWare International Inc.